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What is PigaONE?

PigaONE is the world’s first smart footgear for barre, pilates, yoga, dance, SUP and martial arts, as well as post-activity recovery, long days on your feet and more! It’s the natural solution to help you stay in control and maintain your balance during your barefoot activities. Wear them at the studio, at the gym, on land or in water. PigaONE delivers everything you’d expect from grippy footgear but includes gentle arch-support patent pending technology and many other novelties that help you build stronger, healthier feet!

How it Works

The built-in PostureForce technology of PigaONE improves the body’s innate ability to engage postural reflexes during barefoot activities. This sensation is often soothing and pain-relieving. The neuromuscular foot activation power of PigaONe works by stimulating the plantar arch of the foot. Nerve endings in this part of the foot are responsible for transmitting stimuli to the brain. The stimulation provided by PigaONE readjusts the body’s intrinsic balance system, improving posture and modifying the centre of gravity to its optimal position.

Cool Stuff

PIGA is a new category of product introducing flexible arch support that works differently than the traditional arch support products frequently prescribed to reduce foot pain. These traditional methods prevent muscles and ligaments from being stretched and thus, do reduce pain. However, they can weaken the muscles and ligaments in the feet by supporting the arch. The supportive design and flexible, adjustable arch support of the PigaONE stimulates the arch of your feet to build the muscles, relieving pain and creating long-lasting strength.

Purchase Details

Price $56.00 AUD
Company PigaONE
Country of Origin Canada
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Product by Sandra Tremblay


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