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What is FLX?

FLX is the e-bike that’s been called “the best in the world.” It’s the only bike that is completely customisable to your needs. FLX offers three models: Roadster, Trail and Attack. When you combine that with some of our extra features, you get a piece of equipment that’s yours and no one else’s.

How it Works

The FLX features high-end components that are usually only available in bikes that cost 3-4 times as much. All of our bikes are powered by the same batteries as the Tesla Model S. FLX uses a mid-motor (in the crankshaft) to provide you with a smoother, more powerful ride. The result is a lightweight, durable vehicle that will provide you with huge power and range. Each FLX model includes a Bofeili mid-drive motor, an integrated lithium battery, thumb throttle, backlit LCD display, hydraulic disc brakes and Shimano gears. Pick which of our three models best suits you: Roadster - commute/cruise on roads. Trail - commute/cruise/adventure on and off roads, front suspension. Attack - downhill/adventure, 17A battery, full suspension.

Cool Stuff

FLX is completely customisable. With the money you’ve saved on the cost of your bike, you can add all the features you actually want. What’s more, FLX has 5 ride modes, so you can exercise as much or as little as you want. Studies have shown that e-bike users ride 80% more often and cover twice the distance of those with regular bikes. Ordering one today will let you get all the exercise you need without it feeling like a chore.

Purchase Details

Price $2,362.00 AUD
Company FLX
Country of Origin China
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Product by Sagui Uscanga

A, Australia

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