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What is the Coolpeds iBike 2?

The Coolpeds iBike 2 is the most affordable eBike on the market. Most eBikes are expensive and inaccessible to a lot of people. Coolpeds provides an elegant solution that gives everyone access to the eBike phenomenon! Get yours today and journey effortlessly at speeds of up to 30km/h through the city.

How it Works

The iBike 2 allows for multiple riding options. Ride like a conventional bike when you want to break a sweat, then twist the accelerator in the handle grip and get where you’re going without pedalling. The bike has a powerful 350 watt hub motor, built in compact mud guards, heavy duty tires, powerful V-brakes and adjustable hand grip. The iBike 2 is secure and can be upgraded to be rechargeable. It has a sturdy carbon steel frame and high quality LG Lithium Ion battery, which is protected by a keyed lock. If you don’t have the fast charge upgrade, it’s simple to slide your depleted battery out of the frame.

Cool Stuff

The iBike 2 is versatile and compact. Get things where they need to go with the iBike’s sturdy luggage rack and then back the bike away using the quick folding system. Take your iBike onto public transport, put it in the boot of your car or tuck it under your desk at work with ease.

Purchase Details

Price $630.00 AUD
Company Coolpeds
Country of Origin United States
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Product by Tony Chan

-, Australia

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