Troy : Handcrafted Wood Watch



What is Troy?

Troy is the first wooden watch to have a visible mechanical skeleton with automatic movement. Inspired by the natural beauty of the Netherlands, Lumbr specialises in designing and producing innovative products out of fine woods. We are incredibly proud to present the Troy watch. Handcrafted from oak or walnut shipwood, the Troy watch was inspired by the mythic Troy of the Iliad. Much like in the story, we set out to create a wooden product with a twist. Our wood-based watch is something new; a surprising marriage of timber and technology.

How it Works

Troy makes a statement without causing discomfort. Although the design is modern, the watch is hypoallergenic, so anyone can have one. Our premium timepiece is resistant through rain, splashing and accidental submergence, so it’s okay to get so attached to your Troy watch that you forget to take it off before a shower. Troy is built with super-luminous dials, ensuring that your styled and timely, rain or shine, day or night. It is as durable as it is dynamic. Both the front and the back of the watch are made with sapphire glass, making your watch hard to scratch and built to last.

Cool Stuff

The only thing that any two Troy watches have in common is a high-end Japanese Miyota mechanical calibre, stainless steel butterfly clasp and a one-year international warranty. Delicately and individually handcrafted, each Troy watch has its own unique grain pattern, so no two are exactly alike.

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Price $240.00 AUD
Company Lumbr
Country of Origin Netherlands
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Product by Lumbr Wood

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