BiTool 1.0 Compact 5 Bit - Red

United States


A smart and compact ratchet with magnet for convenient assembling and easy operating. Integrate with multiple bits for everyday use. 

Material: Wear-Resistance and Ultra Hardness S-2 Steel Each Bit Length: 2” (50 mm) / Diameter: 0.25” (6.3 mm) 
5 Types: Phillips Screw Bits PH2 / Star Bits T25 / Hexagon Bits HEX3, 4, 5 
‚ÄčItem Includes 5-Bit Compact BiTool *1 
KICKSTARTER Project - Successfulyl Funded in 2015 !

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Price $48.00 AUD
Company CYCOP
Country of Origin United States
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Product by CYCOP Life

San Jose, United States

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