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Wor.my is the brainchild of Szabolcs Nemeth, Hungarian graphic and industrial designer. Szabolcs dreamt up his compact, modular fishing rod in in 2015, and won the Hungarian Design Award in the same year. After a successful crowd-funded project on Indiegogo, and already in able hands in over 40 countries, Wor.my is now ready to conquer the world. Boasting a removable trigger, this light-weight, unbreakable, durable and portable „Swiss army knife of fishing rods” is made to last. 

Thanks to its removable trigger, you can equip it with all the existing reel types. The flexible spiral design enhances the movement of the angler like a catapult. Another strength of the design is its simple variability: the intelligent assembly solutions enable users to replace the handle, the reel and the stem quickly.  

Wor.my has a stainless steel spring pole, CNC machined – sea water-resistant 6061 T6 – aluminium reel seat, hardwood handle. The result is a truly unbreakable, portable fishing rod, which is made for several decades.  

Imagine being able to travel anywhere in the world with your fishing rod, and not having to worry about damaging or breaking it. Wor.my weighs only 260g. 


This package would be primarily configured for low position, and for both open and closed face reels.


We don't sell reelsthe figures show only the examples of use. 

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Price $240.00 AUD
Company Wor.my
Country of Origin Hungary
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Product by Tunde Kaposi

Pomáz, Hungary

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