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MoGo optical innovation headset turning your smartphone into 2D Cinematic display by magnifying the screen x6 times. Creates perception of 25" screen in a distance of ~0.5m (computer monitor) for 2D videos watching. Unlike Virtual Reality headsets - displays 100% of your smartphone's pixels - providing x4 times sharper movies. Immersive Field of View of 90x50deg and compact foldable design make MoGo perfect travel companion as private cinema-theater and virtual display for flying drones. NOT VR!!! The core technology in MoGo is in oculars that are aspherical prismatic lenses making possible to see with both eyes (in biocular way) wide screen of smartphone positioned near lenses. The oculars transform physical screen into two virtual that are enlarged, taken to far distance and shifted toward each eye correspondingly. This relaxes your eyes provides almoust a "natural eye-sight" which eliminates the side effects known to impact the Virtual Reality optical approach. Currently, each ocular is single piece lens. Even though that the single piece lens optical performance is limited, it provides excellent user experience for watching movies and for Drones photo/video-graphy and watching 360deg videos. We must also mention the known cons: there are slight chromatic aberrations and geometrical distortions accommodated by the brain after short time for majority of the users; peripheral areas of the screen are less sharp than big central zone, however, they are used mostly for awareness (since the FoV is 90deg) and most of users doesn't care of that. SPEC: Smartphones supported :4.7”–6”. For phones 4.7” to 5.2” - use “Small phone Insert” accessory Field-of-View@5.5” phone: Hrz.90⁰xVrt.50 ⁰ Access to touch screen to control the phone Situational awareness side windows Dimensions: 20x10x5cm (11cm in unfolded) Weight: 230gr (without smartphone) Package: 350gr, 212x112x67mm Works with any regular App/OS for watching movies, stream video or Augmented reality

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Company MOGO
Country of Origin Israel
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Product by Arthur Team MoGo

, Israel

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