QLYX - Smart Magnetic Phone Mount for Car

United States


QLYX is a smart mount for both iOS and Android phones with built-in BLE module and companion app.

Smart mount reliably holds the phone and assists you in everyday life. QLYX can be installed either on the air-vent with a clip or on any flat surface using an adhesive pad. 

In a nutshell, QLYX is a first phone mount that:

▪ Auto-launches desired application.
▪ Collects driving statistics.
▪ Automatically drops parking pin.
▪ Saves history of road trips (sessions).
▪ Automatically gets directions to home/work.
▪ Shows weather forecast and traffic situation.

QLYX has built-in Bluetooth Low Energy module to connect to the phone. On the phone, QLYX holder interacts with QLYX application (it is available for iOS and Android). 

The combination of smart mount for car and application is designed to auto-launch desired app the moment you place and unlock your phone on the QLYX. QLYX app seamlessly runs in the background to interact with a holder, collect driving data and save parking pins. 

Currently the mount auto-launches Waze, Spotify, Uber, Apple Maps, Google Maps, Pandora, Apple Music, Google Music, Audible, Amap, Baidu Map, Youtube, Vimeo, Yandex Map, Yandex Navi, Oral-B and we are constantly working on increasing the number of applications and widgets to choose from. QLYX is programmed to auto-launch another app only at the beginning of a session, in order not to spam you with push-notifications. 

Q-plates are made of electrical steel which allows us to make them super-thin yet still have excellent magnetic properties. They are painted by electrophoretic coating. 

Items included:

▪ QLYX smart mount

▪ Five colorful Q-plates

▪ Air vent clip

▪ Adhesive pad

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Price $61.50 AUD
Country of Origin United States
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Product by Artem Shvedkov

Columbus, United States

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