Honeycomb Self-Heating Smart Mug

United Kingdom



The Glowstone smart mug is the perfect solution to keeping coffee and tea piping hot and at peak flavour. The fully automatic heating system is designed to keep any warm liquid hot for an extra hour beyond what traditional dumb mugs can do. Plus, it's finely crafted from bone china, so it lets the delicate flavours of your favourite drinks ring through with every cup. Even better, it charges wirelessly so there are no cords required.

  • Fully Dishwasher proof
  • Elegant design and limited edition honeycomb design
  • Maintains the perfect temperature of 60°C to 65°C for an extra hour, in two heat cycles
  • Fine bone china and shape design ensure perfect fluid dynamics and perfect taste.
  • Powered by patented Glowstone Core Technology
  • QI wireless charger coaster included– Works with mains and USB ports
  • Completely automatic: Switches on and off without any buttons
  • Ergonomic handle ensures even weight distribution
  • Light bar Illuminates when in use and switches off automatically after your last sip
  • Works straight out the box for repeated use (once charged)
  • Cool base technology means no heat damage to surfaces


Capacity: 300ml (10.5 fl oz)

Power output: 16W Weight 350g (12 oz)

Battery life: 60 minutes

Full charge time: 3 hours

Material: Fine bone china

105mm x 80mm (heating cavity depth 23mm)


Delivery available worldwide. All Glowstone products are assembled and tested by hand at Glowstone HQ in Manchester, England. Protected by a 1-year guarantee. 

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Price $229.99 AUD
Company Glowstone
Country of Origin United Kingdom
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Product by Naeem Alvi

, United Kingdom

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