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Golchi is the world’s first vacuum insulated bottle that can carry two drinks simultaneously in any combination of hot and cold. With modular design, Golchi is customizable to four different configurations. Additional storage space lets you conveniently carry other everyday essentials. Patent pending "Controlled Flow Mechanism" allows you to adjust size of drinking spout based on beverage. Fifteen cool features make this bottle the most versatile on the market. Golchi comes with a pour volume of 27 oz. With six colors and four styles to chose from, you are sure to find your perfect every day Golchi. Say yes to Golchi and no to multiple containers, unwanted spills, and burns in mouth! Golchi came together on a quest to re-invent the bottle. How do you put a brand new spin on a classic and timeless item? By improving it with 15 unique features that make for incredible versatility and a great design that allows you to enjoy your favourite drinks anytime, anywhere! Two Beverages in One Bottle: With Golchi, you can carry up to two beverages at once in any combination of hot and cold with perfect temperature insulation. This means - all workout drinks in one smart bottle OR smoothie and a coffee OR tea and water OR a drink for mother along with hot water for baby's formula in one smart dynamic bottle.....the choices are many! One Bottle, Four Personalities: Depending on your need and purpose, your Golchi can be beautifully customized to four different configurations. Double Decker : Dual compartment bottle for two beverages and a built-in storage section Jumbo : Single compartment bottle to carry one beverage in larger volume plus dry storage Traditional : Traditional everyday bottle with no storage section Golchi Mini : Split your Golchi into two standalone bottles and share the joy With different beverages come different ways to drink them, and Golchi has that covered too with its "Patent Pending Controlled Flow Mechanism". Users can select the size of the drinking spout based on the beverages they are about to consume. With a movable slider and three level locking points, it can be adjusted to make the spout small for hot beverages or enlarged for cold drinks. Collapsible Handle makes carrying Golchi around super convenient. It aligns very well with the curvature of the bottle to further enhance the looks of Golchi. Perfect Temperature Insulation through double walled vacuum insulation keeps your cold drinks ice cold for 24 hours and hot drinks piping hot for 12 hours. Leak Proof Design : Triple layer protection at both ends along with a lock-anti-lock thread design ensures that not even a drop leaks from the bottle. Super Easy Cleaning : Traditional bottles are very difficult to clean because of the relative inaccessibility of lower portion. Golchi splits from middle and has a wide mouth and base to make cleaning super easy. It's also dishwasher safe. No Taste / Odor Retention : The premium grade stainless steel ( 304 s/s) on both inner and outer surface makes odor or taste retention a complete impossibility. BPA Free: Although Golchi makes minimal usage of plastic in design, wherever it is used, you are assured it's a premium grade, certified BPA free plastic.

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Price $79.99 AUD
Company MyGolchi
Country of Origin United States
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Product by Ankita Garg

-, Australia

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