YoCam: The Smartest, Lightest Waterproof Camera.



What is YoCam? YoCam was designed and engineered to be the world's smallest waterproof life camera—and the lightest one, too. Unlike the cameras that can only meet one or two of your needs, we have designed YoCam as an all-in-one smart camera that will accommodate all your daily needs. You can also use YoCam as a dash cam to record every ride you take in HD. When you’re in video mode, simply press and hold the shutter for 2 seconds, and YoCam will start recording 5 or 10 minutes’ worth of looping video automatically. The process is amazingly easy and convenient. Unlike GoPro or other action camera, YoCam was designed for users of all kinds. This means that YoCam is not just for your own adventures, but also for you to share your moments and stay connected with your loved ones. With our mobile app, you can easily share or connect with your family, or even monitor your home from thousands of miles away. How it Works YoCam has an IP68 rating, and it is housing-free waterproof up to 20 feet. From now on, no additional housing or case is needed for shooting underwater! The YoCam doesn't sacrifice any quality with adjustable settings of 720/120fps, 1080/60fps and 2.7/30fps! At only 2oz (~55g) in your palm, YoCam is built as the most water-friendly camera on the market. YoCam is designed to be a user-friendly selfie/groupie camera. Whenever and wherever you want to take a selfie, simply handhold YoCam, point to yourself and click. And that’s all it takes! Our product is amazingly easy and fun. 1. One-handed operation. 2. 140° super wide angle fixed focus lens. 3. F2.0 aperture and 2 micron pixel for excellent low light performance. Cool Stuff YoCam features a number of advanced technologies, such as our MoSteady™ stabilization technology, HDR and a P2P remote internet connection—none of which have ever appeared in a camera of this size. YoCam is housing free for up to 30 feet underwater and it is dust-tight guaranteed. With additional accessories, you can stick it on your backpack, wear it around your neck, clip it on your pocket or mount it on your wrist. We have tons of additional features suitable for whatever outdoor activity!

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Price $263.65 AUD
Company Mofily
Country of Origin Australia
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Product by Ray Mofily


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