Auris Beamit Wireless Bluetooth Audio Transmitter



What is Beamit? beamit is a sleek and compact Bluetooth audio transmitter that seamlessly streams Hi-Fi digital audio wirelessly from your TV or wired music system to your favorite pair of Bluetooth headphones or speakers.Also it's a Hi-Fi Bluetooth music receiver that streams high quality audio wirelessly from any Bluetooth enabled smartphone, computer or tablet to any music system or powered speakers. How it Works Incorporating the high quality aptX® LOW LATENCY audio streaming codec and digital TOSLINK connection, beamit provides Hi-Fi digital audio streaming to up to two Bluetooth headphones or speakers simultaneously. Beamit is the perfect solution for users to watch shows, listen to songs, or play games on their TV with someone else at high volume, without disturbing other people in the room.Pairing any headphone, speaker or smart device to beamit is simple and effortless.Just slide and hold the spring-loaded Multi-function Switch on the front of the unit briefly to the right and release, it automatically goes into pairing mode.It will pair automatically with any headphone or other Bluetooth receiver / speaker that is also in pairing mode and located within 1 meter (3 feet). In case of a smart device, simply activate Bluetooth, select "auris beamit" from the list of available devices. Cool Stuff The sleek and compact beamit has been thoughtfully designed to look great and completely blend in any setting without taking up too much space. beamit can be conveniently mounted on your TV, home audio systems, computer, car dashboard or work desk with the hassle-free, non – adhesive sticky gel mounts. For all enquiries, please email us here-

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Price $82.00 AUD
Company Team Auris
Country of Origin Australia
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