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QuietOn is a one-of-a-kind earplug combining active noise cancellation and acoustic noise attenuation to bring you a bubble of quietude in a world full of distractions. The earplugs are ideal for various noisy environments, especially below 200 Hz. Such low frequency sounds include airplane noise, traffic noise, music coming through the wall, environmental noise from industrial sites and engine noise from motor vehicles. About the product: • Class leading performance - top-notch active noise cancellation. Attenuation ability is up to 40 dB. • Long battery life & Easy to use - 50 hours on a single charge, no wire and no setting. • Designed for everyday use - Comfortable to wear and easy to carry. QuietOn earplugs can be used in various situations such as study, travelling, working, or simply relaxing. QuietOn sales packages includes a pair of earplugs with two changeable silicone covers, which are designed for bigger and smaller ears. A pair of black M-size Comply foam tips is also included. Carrying case works as a charging case. Charging can be performed using a normal micro USB cable connected to a charger or computer The charging cable is included in the box, while a charger is not.

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Price $297.00 AUD
Company QuietOn
Country of Origin Finland
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Product by QuietOn

Kempele, Finland

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