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VAULTCARD is a comprehensive solution to RFID Fraud that doesn’t take the convenience out of contactless payments. Fraudsters can easily acquire scanning devices that allow them to intercept your data. VAULTCARD is a credit-card-sized tool that can be placed inside your wallet to block electromagnetic signals, protecting you from RFID theft.

How it Works

Most products that attempt to address safety concerns work on the principle of shielding the RFID card using metal foils. VAULTCARD is different. It switches on automatically when it senses an EM wave emitted by an RFID scanner. It responds to signal strengths one hundred times smaller than those required for contactless cards to function and creates a sophisticated EM jamming signal that blocks RFID readers. To use VAULTCARD, place it in the middle of your wallet. All RFID-enabled cards will be protected within 4cm of the VAULTCARD and cards can be placed on either side, offering protection inside wallets up to 8cm thick. To make a contactless payment, simply remove your card from the area of effect.

Cool Stuff

It’s not just your credit cards at risk. RFID technology is used everywhere, from retail to banking. Most countries use RFID chips in passports and many more cities use the technology in public transport passes. Even your driver’s license or other identity cards may use RFID. VAULTCARD protects all of this information using patent-pending technology that is based on sophisticated jamming signals frequently used by the military. All VAULTCARDs come with a six month warranty.

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Price $68.00 AUD
Company Vaultskin
Country of Origin United Kingdom
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