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What is GOQI?

GoQi is a wireless charging wallet for iPhone and Android. Ever been frustrated by all the wires you’re forced to have around your home, office and car? Well, so have we. That’s why we’ve married over 20 years of experience designing leather handbags, wallets and accessories with the simplicity and convenience of wireless charging. GoQi is your opportunity to be fashionable, organised and charged all at the same time.

How it Works

GoQi uses wireless Qi charging technology to make sure that your devices are always ready to go. For ultimate convenience, the GoQi itself is able to be charged wirelessly. In the absence of wireless charging options, the GoQi can also be charged via USB. The micro USB cable provided with all GoQi continental wallets also allows you to charge your other devices, including watches, trackers and headsets.

Cool Stuff

We are always listening to feedback from our backers and updating our product accordingly. As such, we’ve recently introduced the GoQi long wallet, to be sold alongside the original model. This new petite wallet is more suitable for female users and maintains its 4000mAh power. A long, adjustable shoulder strap is available with this option. The GoQi can be purchased in three styles: Active, Style and Classic. Unlike most tech companies, we are dedicated to creating a product that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is highly functional and to achieve this we make full use of our background in designer leatherwork.

Purchase Details

Price $219.00 AUD
Company GOQi
Country of Origin China
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Product by Matthew Chow

1, Australia

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