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What is LANTERN?

LANTERN is a powerful, multifunction flashlight that makes lighting any space a cinch. It’s perfect for any situation. Take it camping. Light up your tent or campsite while charging your phone or GoPro. LANTERN is water and shock resistant for outdoor action. Take it cycling or backpacking. LANTERN’s three brightness settings, ranging from 180-1000 lumens mean you can always light your path. If you work outdoors, make use of the hands free option LANTERN provides. Or, keep it handy in your house or car, so that you’re always ready for an emergency. LANTERN can even be used for photo or video shoots!

How it Works

LANTERN is packed with features. It has an adjustable beam that can quickly turn into a hands-free, room-filling light source. LANTERN can transform into a 360 degree headlight and provides over 228 metres of illumination. Mount it to your bike for 240 metres beam and pulse. Plus, as a safety feature, LANTERN includes an SOS strobe for emergencies.

Cool Stuff

LANTERN’s rechargeable battery provides 72 hours of light and the USB backup can charge all of your devices. It comes in a reusable EVA foam case and fits in your pocket. Plus, it can take one heck of a beating, making it the perfect tool for any adventure. Rolling Enterprises, developers of LANTERN, believe that the outdoors should be accessible to everyone in a way that is fun and safe. As such, we have partnered with organisations that connect as many people to the outdoors as possible. 2 % of all sales will go to the LANTERN Fund, managed for us by Place2Give.

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Product by Cory Krygier

Calgary, Canada

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