3-Axis Smartphone Gimbal



What is the Snoppa M1?

Say goodbye to shaky video footage. The Snoppa M1 is the world’s most advanced three-axis gimbal. Its advanced stabilizing algorithm and powerful electronic hardware compensate for the user’s arm movement, creating stunning, professional-looking films from any smartphone. With its intelligent, compact design and multi-mode shooting functionality, it turns anyone into a videographer.

How it Works

Snoppa M1 uses BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology and is ready to go at any time. It is easy to setup and use, and is compatible with phones of all sizes. Unlike traditional stabilizers, the Snoppa M1 folds up to make life easier for filmmakers on the go. When in use, the sleek polycarbonate unit is compact and elegant. Because the phone affixes to the centre of the frameless gimbal, it allows for easy filming of 360 degree videos and can perform rotation time-lapse shooting and multiple exposure.

Cool Stuff

The Snoppa M1 provides several easy to use modes: Pan track Mode: follows the user horizontally while shooting. Lock Mode: shoots in all directions while the phone is fixed in a stable position. Omni Track Mode: allows the cinematographer to shoot in all directions with the phone following their movement. Portrait Shooting Mode: stabilizes the creator’s shooting vertically.

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Price $136.00 AUD
Company Snoppa M1
Country of Origin China
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Product by Danny Wong

-, Australia

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