The Radmo Classic



What is Radmo?

Radmo is the perfect mobile mount for your car. It is ultra-durable and fits right into you car’s CD player. Now you can mount your phone without obstructing your windshield or airbags — and you can charge your phone on-the-go!

How it Works

Radmo’s design is unique, setting it apart from other mounts on the market. Radmo can be assembled in seconds, without any tools and is 100% adjustable. It accommodates phones of all sizes, as well as GPS devices and mini tablets.

Cool Stuff

Radmo is made of solid-state, flexible nylon that keeps your mobile device in place even through the roughest rides. Removing the device is as easy as installing it. Radmo will not damage your CD player.

Purchase Details

Price $42.00 AUD
Company Radmo
Country of Origin Israel
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Product by Or Reznik

-, Australia

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