Bimoz - world's lightest and smartest e-bike drive



What is bimoz?

bimoz is the high tech attachment for your well-loved conventional bicycle that turns it into an e-bike! It makes every ride into a downhill cruise with a tailwind. Ride to work without breaking a sweat and avoid expensive parking fees.

How it Works

Bimoz is a compact attachable unit that weighs less than 2kg including battery. It is all derailleur systems and works without gears, belts or clutches between the rider and the main sprocket, providing high quality performance without high maintenance. bimoz is desined as a direct drive, giving unique features to users. Riders are outfitted with drive support, so the harder you have to pedal, the more help you get from the bimoz.

Cool Stuff

bimoz is packed with features. It has a range of up to 150km, integrated intelligent sensors and infinitely variable speed control. It makes use of the motor’s torque and runs extremely quietly and uses motor assistance to prevent friction loss. For a normal ride, the unit can simply be switched off and your bike will function like it always has. If you’re up for an even more comprehensive workout, it makes an ideal exercise machine. Using the bimoz app you can simulate ‘mountains’ or ‘lowlands.’ There are also options for cardio training and other exercises. Enter your pulse and the system will adjust accordingly, ramping up to give you a challenge or slowing down to let you rest. The app can also be used to share photos of the scenery around you on social media.

Purchase Details

Price $1,133.00 AUD
Company Bimoz
Country of Origin Switzerland
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Product by Roland Eschler

Baar, Switzerland

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