Smart Cube

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What is Smart Cube?

Smart Cube is the world’s first Bluetooth-capable portable locking system. Protect what matters. No matter who you are, Smart Cube is the perfect solution for securing your home and office. The unit attaches easily to any cabinet, closet or drawer and installs in seconds. For ease of use, no physical keys or latches are required. Simply connect with the Smart Armor app and turn your phone into the key. Use of the app allows you to receive instant notification if the security of your belongings has been compromised.

How it Works

Smart Cube is made with a fibre infused polycarbonate blend and affixes strongly to a surface, able to withstand up to 100lbs of force. It utilises Bluetooth 4 technology and is Android and iOS compatible. Connect it to any device or home system. Use of the Smart Armour app allows users to customise Smart Cube to their specific needs. Create multiple accounts with different levels of access to create a perfectly tailored system.

Cool Stuff

Smart Cube adds security to the things that are important to you. Secure your briefcase, childproof home, keep your roommates out of your personal belongings and more!

Purchase Details

Price $139.00 AUD
Company Smart Armor Tech
Country of Origin United States
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Product by Justin Zastrow

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