Tracking Device with a SMART BUTTON



What is iKON?

iKON is a small, versatile tracking device that helps you find your belongings. The unit is discrete measuring only 35mm by 5mm and it can fit anywhere. Use it to find your car keys, glasses or any of the number of things we all lose track of every day. You can even use it to make sure your pets are safely at home, out of trouble.

How It Works

iKON connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It lets you know where your belongings are at any given time. It also uses Geofencing so that you receive alerts on your phone if any item gets too far away. If it’s your phone you’ve misplaced, don’t panic! The iKON comes with a tracer button that when pressed, causes your phone to ring so that you can find it easily.

Cool Stuff

iKON is created for communities. Turn on CrowdFind to take advantage of an unlimited search range! iKON will send you automatic updates on a stolen or lost item whenever another iKON user comes within 70m of it.

Purchase Details

Price $42.00 AUD
Company iKON
Country of Origin Australia
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