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What is the iPin Spatial Ruler?

Don’t want to carry a tape measure in your pocket? You don’t have to! Measuring has never been easier, with the iPin Spatial ruler, the world’s first spatial ruler for your smartphone. iPin Spatial Ruler uses a patented ‘hybrid earphone plug.’ Just plug it in and measure whatever you need to, whenever you need to, without affecting phone or speaker functions.

How it Works

With a simple laser spot, iPin Spatial Ruler turns your iPhone into a user-friendly measuring tool. No complicated calibration is required; simply get the distance or length wherever the laser dot indicated in a single shot. The iPin Ruler App is available for iPhone 5 or newer, with iOS 8.0 or newer. It functions with an accuracy rating of ±3%.

Cool Stuff

iPin can measure in centimetres, metres, inches and feet. With the iPin Ruler App, you can even save measurements from your smartphone and easily share the information with famly or colleagues. Re-measure objects using the “Editable” format.

Purchase Details

Price $101.00 AUD
Company iPin Spatial Ruler
Country of Origin Taiwan
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Product by Danica Huang

-, Australia

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