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What is EZtalk?

We all enjoy what iPhone brings to our lives but it always seems to run out of battery in no time due to our apps, videos and music. This can cause a panic regarding where we can find our next power source or forces us to carry additional accessories such as charging USB cables or power banks. We also thought about music lovers and how easy it can be to forget, lose or break your earphones. That’s why we designed an innovative iPhone battery case with built-in auto-retractable earphones. We called it EZtalk Battery Case for iPhone 6.

How it Works

Made from industry-leading polycarbonate materials, EZtalk guards against everyday accidents. The LED indicator displays the battery level and charging status. With a single push, it can double your battery life. Pulling out the built-in earphone will cause the audio port to immediately redirect and amplify sound from the native phone speaker to the earphone, which means you can answer calls by simply pulling out the earphone. The lead will lock into place at whichever length you prefer.

Cool Stuff

EZtalk provides travelers and business users with slots for their ejector pin and SIM card, wherever they go.

Purchase Details

Price $1,633.00 AUD
Company EZTalks Technology Co., Ltd
Country of Origin China
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Product by Sophie EZTalks

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

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