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Part 1 Operation and Dictionary


  1. This Cookie Policy should be read together with the Terms and the Privacy Policy.

  2. You should read this Cookie Policy, the Privacy Policy and the Terms carefully. If you do not agree to the Terms, this Cookie Policy and the Privacy Policy, you should immediate stop using the Website.


In this Cookie Policy, the following terms have the following meanings:



Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy


The terms and conditions published on the Website

and otherwise, words defined in the Terms have the meaning given to them in the Terms.

    Part 2 Usage of Cookies

      3.What are Cookies

      1. A Cookie is a small identifying file that is place on your computer by websites that you visit. In simple, terms you can think of Cookies as an ID tag which allows us to identify you when you return to our Website or as you browse across different pages of our Website.

      2. There are 2 types of Cookies: persistent and session. We use both types. Persistent Cookies remain in your computer even after you leave our website or close your browser – for example, this aids us so that you do not need to log in every time you visit the Website. Session Cookies are delete as soon as you close your web browser – for example, this aids us to track your current purchase in the Future Store.


      1. We use our own Cookies on the Website in order to enhance your experience when using the website.

      2. In addition to this we may work with various reputable third party providers who provide their own Cookies to assist with the operation of the Website e.g. we may use analytics to determine where our visitors are primarily located.

      3. These Cookies generate browsing information which we may use to identify you personally and we may record certain information about your use of our website, such as which pages you visit, the time and date of your visit and the internet protocol address assigned to your computer.

      4. You can disable Cookies through your internet browser but our websites may not work as intended for you if you do so.

      5. We may also use Cookies to enable us to collect data that may include Personal Information. For example, where a Cookie is linked to your account, it will be considered Personal Information under the Privacy Act. We will handle any Personal Information collected by cookies in the same way that we handle all other Personal Information as described in the Privacy Policy.